Friday, March 16, 2012

Apply Foundation Like a PRO

Hey Ladies!  I feel that one of the most common questions I receive is how to properly apply foundation. I'm always reading beauty articles & I love to share what I think is helpful I'm going to show you guys this article! Hope it helps & Enjoy 

As the weather heats up and we spend more time under the sun, we need to adjust our makeup application technique to ensure flawless coverage, without looking cakey and piled on. We caught up with Le Metier de Beaute Direction Mikey Castillo and trainer/makeup artist Erin Lockard for insider tips on how to apply foundation seamlessly. 

HOW TO Apply Foundation Like A Pro

  1. Start with a small amount of foundation and use a flat foundation brush to stretch the pigment, allowing the foundation to provide coverage without revealing itself on the skin. You don't want to see any streaking
  2. A lightweight foundation with SPF is ideal for Spring and Summer. Save the heavier coverage for nighttime and use concealer to cover spots and blemishes during the day. Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complex has an SPF of 20 and the coverage is sheer to medium, allowing the skin to maintain its natural luster.
  1. Last but not least, you need to set the beautiful canvas with a sheer pressed powder. Swirling a brush on the skin just creates an explosion of powder all over the face! In order to set makeup properly, you must firmly press the applicator on the skin in a rock and roll motion. Whether the applicator is a brush or sponge, rock the applicator on the surface, and roll the powder on to the skin. This motion fills in the pores, making the face appear more flawless and also seamlessly binds the foundation to the skin. This is the best way to ensure long-wearing, superior performance. A powder like Le Metier de Beaute Visage de Soie Finishing Powder contains neither talc nor cornstarch, giving the powder true translucency on the skin without ever looking dry or pasty. When touched-up throughout the day, it's virtually undetectable on the skin, exactly how a pressed powder should be.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Hey Everyone, So yesterday I went to the Makeup Forever Boutique to restock on my favorite foundation! It is on the pricier side costing $40.00 a bottle but a little goes a long way. Myself as well as all my clients love the texture and feel of this foundation. It has moderate coverage which is perfect for everyday wear or for special occasions. 

HD Invisible Cover Foundation

HD Invisible Cover Foundation
What it is:
An oil-free medium-to-full-coverage liquid foundation that covers skin imperfections flawlessly while remaining invisible on-screen and in real life.

What it does:
This long-wearing foundation creates a soft-focus effect, which is designed to meet the coverage concerns of those in the spotlight. It leaves your complexion with such a flawless finish, it can withstand bright or harsh lighting.

What else you need to know:
This Sephora-exclusive foundation comes in 25 shades to suit all skintones. Please click on the "Additional Information" tab below to find the concealer that coordinates with your foundation shade. MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation is an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner.
Sephora is the exclusive beauty retailer for this product.

Want to save some money??
Since the HD foundation is a little pricey, I found an equivalent pharmacy brand foundation that has the same type of texture which is the L'oreal True Match. This foundation can be found at your nearest pharmacy. It's priced around $8-$13 a bottle. 

These are both Liquid Foundations. There's several types of foundations which I will talk about on my next post! Stay Tuned! 

Any questions you can comment on the comment box below! ; )

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

4 Flawless Blending Shortcuts

Hey ladies! So once again I came across an article about blending that I think would be very helpful for you guys! This basically explains how important it is to blend & gives you ladies some pointers. The most important advice to master the art of blending is to Practice and get familiar with your eye shape (you can check my post on eyes shapes) ...Hope it helps and Remember don't forget to BLEND : )

4 Flawless Blending Shortcuts

Whether it's powder on the eyes, cream on the cheeks, or liquid on the skin, blending is a skill that many Beauties struggle to perfect. We buff, wipe, tap, and rub to our heart's content, but poor technique can turn an inspired idea into an enormous disaster very quickly. "I cannot stress enough how important blending is," says celebrity makeup artist Stephen Sollitto (clients include Amy Adams, Hailee Steinfeld, and Emily Deschanel). "No matter what the technique—stippling, buffing, or feathering—the point is to make sure you're doing it correctly,” says Stephen. So how do you meld the seams of your makeup? Stephen reveals his tips below for easy, no-brainer blending.

Start Fresh

"The most important blending brush is a clean one," stresses Stephen. “I always use a fresh brush to soften any harsh eye shadow lines.” And he's correct—who wants color leftover from last week's look? Too lazy to give your brush a full wipe down every time you shadow up? Buy an extra (or two!) of your favorite blending brush so you constantly have a pristine tool on hand.
Use Product to Blend Powder

To diffuse blush and bronzer, take a big, fluffy brush, dip it into a dot of loose powder, then soften the edges of the pigment. "You still get that pop of color without any visible lines," assures Stephen.
Utilize Your Fingers

Fingers sometimes work better than brushes for blending. "I usually apply cream blush with my hands," says Stephen. "First, I use my middle finger to apply the pigment. Then, I soften any edges with my ring finger and gradually feather the pigment out" Since the ring finger applies the least amount of pressure on the skin, it's the ideal digit for blending. Don't wipe the blush, otherwise you'll just remove the product from your face.

Don't Forget About the Neck

"Please stop applying foundation that stops at your jawline—it's so important to blend your makeup into your neck!” urges Stephen. Use a dampened sponge to work in liquid or cream foundation in a circular, stippling motion (tapping up and down). Since your neck is naturally a shade or two lighter than your face, use the excess product left on the sponge to blend the face, jaw, and neck area together. Once you've blended the pigment into the skin, dip a smaller powder brush into a dot of loose powder and feather out your whole face.

Hope it helps! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Meet The Artist" Photo Shoot

So I finally have all the pictures from my photo shoot with VinnyD! I decided to have this little photo shoot for you guys to update all my old pictures with these really cool new ones! I went to photographer VinnyD because with his creativity I knew I would get exactly what I envisioned! I'm not going to lie I'm so used to being behind the scenes during photo shoots that I was so nervous to be in front of the cameras! But after one or two shots I def got into it! If interested in recreating this look I Will list all the products I used below! Enjoy = D

Lights, Camera, Action!










Thank you all for supporting and taking the time to read my post! Hope you guys loved my pics!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Different Eye Shadow Techniques

Hey ladies!

So I came across this article on the web where it explains different types of ways you can put eyeshadow on your eyes. I thought it will be very helpful for those of you that still have trouble figuring out the correct placement for your eye shadows.

Below I also added an Eye chart. Get familiar with the shape of your eyes! 

Any questions just comment on the comment box below = D



Makeup is after all just play with lights and shadows, and to use lighter shades to bring certain
spots up more than others, and other points are made darker, so that they look like they’re deeper.
My highlight spots are in the inner corner of the eye, in the middle of the lid, and on the brow bone. For example a  highlight color from MAC would be Crystal Avalanche. 

Different eyeshadow shapes:

There are countless ways how you can use your shadows, by mixing different colors, different textures,
and glitters, but here’s some ideas were to apply your makeup’s darkest shade:

 Inner corner:

You can add darker shadow only to inner corner of your lid, which seems reduce the space between the eyes.

Outer corner:

If your eyes are close to each other, this may make them look further away from each other.
I have used this often, even though I don’t think I have close-set eyes, so I think this suits for other eye
types too.

Both corners:

I think this one is great for everyone,  it can be easily used in both dramatic looks with bold
colors, and with natural everyday looks with neutral colors. It doesn’t make
eyes look wider or smaller, and I think it suits for all eye types.

Outer corner, “catshape”:

Makes eyes look a bit tilted upwards, which creates a bit mysterious look. Also, if your lids
are bit droopy, this might bring them the “boost” they need.

Outer corner & crease, blended upwards:

This is my own favorite.
Darker shadow is applied to outer  corner and crease, then blended up towards the brow, where it
meets the highlighter, and blends together with it.
This is also good technique if you have hooded eyes, just extend the shadows so that they show up a bit.

 Whole lid:

Depending on the color your using, this might be the most dramatic of these styles.
Be careful if you use bright colors, especially if you don’t want to draw too much attention to your eyes.

Eye Chart

Do you know the shape of your eyes?

Hope this all helps! 

One-On-One Makeup Class

Hey Guys, so here's some images from my last one-on-one makeup lessons with Valerie. It was 2 1/2 hours of makeup fun!! For more details & pricing email me 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My first little intro video :)

Hey guys, so I attempted to record my first tutorial video last night but it came out to be more of an introduction video lol due to the bad lighting in my apartment! =/ I will be working on better lighting throughout the week so stay tuned for an actual tutorial :) Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's day!! Lots of Love!!

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Here's a clearer picture of the Makeup I had on in the video :)

Don't mind the brows on the pics below they weren't completely done! AHHH : )